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About The Team

Earthbound Games was formed by developers of Dundee heavyweight titles Grand Theft Auto, Crackdown and APB, to pursue a vision for a new generation of digital spectator sports in which viewers have an active presence within the game world itself.
Located in Dundee, Scotland, we are passionate about creating engaging player experiences and having fun whilst doing so!


About The Studio

Earthbound Games is currently based in the Water's Edge, Dundee. Host to a number of Scotlands leading developers of console and mobile games.
Situated at the mouth of the River Tay, Dundee is at forefront of the Scottish digital media industry with half of all Scottish games firms located here.

Chris has experience from all the generations of the video games industry, having been publishing video games commercially since 1983. He has worked in pioneering creative, management and software engineering roles throughout a diverse career covering various sectors, including PC, console and mobile platforms, and with premium and free-to-play business models. He has worked for games companies large and small, including Realtime Worlds, DMA Design & Ubisoft in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.


Chris Stamp

Jeff Cairns is a highly experienced Art Director with a background in AAA titles like the BAFTA award-winning Crackdown, Crackdown 3, All Points Bulletin and Grand Theft Auto.

Art Director

Jeff Cairns

Malcolm ensures that the studio keeps to sprint deadlines and knows what they are working on.
His experience and history in the games industry are as long as his stories.

Somehow he has not strangled the Community Team for their trouble making. 
 He once bored someone to sleep with a story about drystone walling.

Senior Producer

Malcolm Collins

Patrick has experience testing games at all levels, and across all levels (ice worlds are his least favourite) from three-person indie teams through to thousand-plus AAA titles. He also loiters on the Earthbound Games Discord. He's real great, but he also wrote this bio, and is his own harshest critic and is prone to excessive modesty. 

QA Manager

Patrick Roche

Tim is an experienced artist across a variety of disciplines, from modelling to 3D Concept art and drawings on napkins. He's an accomplished character and vehicle artist and has worked as an art lead on a variety of projects, ranging from open world mobile games through to high fidelity VR experiences.

At Earthbound Games, Tim serves as the vehicle artist on Axiom Soccer, along with Manu Lopez.


Vehicle Artist

Tim Hay

Manu is a 3D Artist with over 12 years of industry experience. He's worked on AAA games such as Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, Planet of the Apes VR and All Points Bulletin, where he carried out core development for its highly praised character customisation studio.

As well as being highly skilled in all aspects of 3D asset creation, he has a high level of technical art experience, including the creation of tools, advanced shaders, pipeline maintenance, and experience with programming and scripting.

Vehicle Artist

Manu Lopez

Jennifer is an Abertay graduate with a Bachelors with Honours in Computer Arts – specialising as a technical artist. 

September 2017 she was also a finalist in D.A.R.E Academy, attending EGX 2017 which was one of her favourite weekends ever. 

Jennifer also live streams over on Twitch so it’s no surprise if you see her in the community live streams or lurking about the Discord hoping to get carried in games. 

Community Coordinator

Jennifer Petrie

Neil is currently a Board Director of DeltaDNA who provide real-time analytics for games. Previously he was executive chairman and investor at Two Big Ears, an audio company who are the dominant provider of rendering engines and authoring tools for virtual reality games and 360 videos. Two Big Ears was acquired by Facebook in 2016.

Board Director

Neil Heywood

Colin is a veteran interactive-audio specialist with credits including Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown. He is a director of The Independent Game Developers Association (TIGA) as well as founder and former CEO of BAFTA acclaimed studio Denki Ltd., who have released more than 100 games across many platforms, with global brand owners such as Disney, Marvel, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and many more.

Commercial Director

Colin Anderson

Val is HR, Val makes sure Patricks jokes don't get us in trouble with the law.

We like Val.


Val Kingston

Barney is an experienced software engineer with a passion for making games, experimentation and heavy metal. In between maintaining the codebase, he's deep in Axiom Soccer's metagame development, engine upgrades and gameplay development. 
He's really excited to be working on Axiom Soccer, but every time we ask him to explain what he's doing, he mostly just says 'it'll be awesome, trust me.' We do, and it is.

Software Engineer

Barney Randall

Hugo is originally from Portugal, and came to the UK a few years ago. He's settled in nicely, and spends his time when he's not programming complaining about the weather. He wears sunglasses constantly, probably in the hope that he can will an eternal summer into existence.
He came to Earthbound Games after spending time in the mobile games industry, and is now a fulltime PC developer.
He has an MSc, and his thesis was about developing an E-Sports Broadcasting System.


Software Engineer

Hugo Damas

Steve has been working as an artist in the games industry for over 20 years. He's really enjoying working on a project that combines two of his favourite genres, shooters and sport.
(although he's not very good at either)

Steve's working on the 2d assets for Axiom Soccer.

2D Artist

Steve Hodgson

Ali has been working as a Community Manager for over 4 years on a variety of mobile and PC titles.

Initially starting in Glasgow, he now happily finds himself in Dundee as part of the community team for Axiom Soccer.


Community Coordinator

Ali Legge

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